Giving PartnersWe’re just starting out on this journey and we’re looking to partner with not for profit organisations that make a difference in their local community, helping people who struggle to meet their basic needs in day to day life.

Keep an eye on our journal and social media for news of groups we’re talking to.


 St.George's Crypt, Leeds

Christmas saw us make our first donation to charity. Thanks to your purchases, we were able to donate a batch of T-shirts to St. George's Crypt in Leeds. And they were delighted.

The Crypt as it's known, has been helping vulnerable people in Leeds since 1930. Here's how they describe what they do.

"It’s about welcome; about being a safe and comfortable place to rest, to eat, to be clothed.  But it’s also more than that.  It’s about providing all those things in the most loving way we know how..."



Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust 


Recently, we met some fantastic staff and volunteers at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield which is one of three making up the Mid-Yorks NHS Trust.

They have a brilliant initiative borne out of their commitment to provide dignity in care for their patients. It's a sad truth that many are admitted to hospital without basic clean clothing due to homelessness, or perhaps arrive inappropriately dressed due to dementia or other mental health problems. Often on their own, they don't have family or friends to provide these basic items.

The Trust's Dignity in Care Group came up with the simple idea of having what they call a Dignity Cupboard in each hospital, where staff can access clothing for patients who need help. But of course they need to be able to fill the cupboard and that's made more challenging by the environment requiring that all donated clothing must be brand new. 

That's why it's a perfect match for us and they were over the moon with the clothing we gave them.  They told us we shouldn't underestimate the difference that feeling well dressed can make to someone in that situation. 






Who would have thought that clothing poverty could exist in 21st Century UK? But when you think about the huge rise in Food banks, it becomes obvious that if people can't afford to heat their homes or feed their family, it's unlikely they can afford clothes. 

So we were delighted to find Sharewear, a unique organisation tackling this issue from their base in Nottingham. They provide emergency clothing, shoes and bedding to people in Nottinghamshire currently in crisis operating on a referral basis from Social partners. Clothes are second hand, donated from all around the country.


Thanks to Good Joe customers we were able to provide brand new T-shirts and Polos for them to distribute to people in need. And, when we dropped off our donation, we were able to see first hand the difference that a new item of clothing can make as Louise, the Founder of the charity provided a number of shirts from our donation to people who were referred that day. The charity operates completely with volunteers some of who are in the pic,  and you can find out more about its work by visiting the website.







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