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We’re just getting started...

January 15, 2017


Hi, and thanks a million for dropping in to have a look at Good Joe. 

It's great to see you!

We’ve been live for a few weeks now, finding our feet and making sure everything works as it should before launching ourselves fully into a brave new world. We’re excited to really get going on our mission and we can’t do that without you.

If you’ve already had a browse around the site, you’ll know we’re a ‘buy one, give one’ brand, which means that when you buy from us, you’re also giving because we’ll donate ‘one for one’ to a charity in the UK. We love the simplicity of the idea and how your purchase can mean more than just a great shirt for you and a bit of cash to keep us in business. It can make a difference to someone who’s just not as lucky as we are. Those people we all see every day in our towns and cities, struggling with life.

When we were building our thoughts on the business, it felt right that our giving should be in the communities we live in here in the UK. From there it also felt natural that we should try and support local jobs by manufacturing here. So we’re proud to say all our gear is made in Britain in small independently owned factories. We think you’ll appreciate the quality, and feel reassured that no sweatshops are involved.

We’ll tell you more about us in future blogs. The main point of this intro is to welcome you with open arms to what we hope is a place you’ll enjoy visiting. Whether or not you're ready to buy a shirt, we’d still love you to be part of our community and let us know what’s on your mind. Tell us about Good Joes you know who make a difference in your life or others. Or, if you’d rather just listen to like-minded people sharing their ideas and stories, that’s cool. What matters is, you’re with us.

We’re on all the big channels, so join us wherever you like to hang out. We promise to try to keep it interesting, and with your help that shouldn’t be a problem.


The Good Joe Team

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