The Great White...

White T- Shirt Marlon Brando

It’s probably the simplest piece of clothing you own, and yet the most iconic.

Appearing as long ago as the early 1900s, and soon afterwards adopted as the underwear for the US Navy, it’s been present throughout our lives in war and peace.

Shaped by the times and trends, but never actually relinquishing the shape that gives it its name. By 1920, the T-shirt was part of the American English language and today translates across the world.

Traditionally crew neck, it’s as essential to our wardrobes as a pair of jeans, transcending time, social class and cultures.

White T-Shirt David Gandy

Yes, they can come in all colours, sometimes with giant printed words that shout to the world about how we feel about life or politics, or which band we like, but still the plain white T-shirt remains the nation's favourite classic.

And it isn't hard to see why given its versatility. Styled with denim, black leather, paired with a nautical navy sweater or even ubercoolly (new word!) under a suit jacket. Tucked in, left out - everyone can rock a white T-shirt. 

So let's pay homage. Get your T-shirt on now and all hail the Great White.


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