Keep art close to the heart

From the primitive stick drawings our kids bring home displayed proudly on the fridge door, to controversial street art and masterpieces past and modern, art surrounds us, feeding our senses and spirit.

Some weird, some wonderful, it divides and conquers in equal measure. We like, we don’t like, but that’s the magic of it right there. Art works for us all differently. It stirs our emotions with an expressiveness that transcends words and thoughts and leaves us with a sense of, well… gratitude.

As Picasso said, "Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life".

That’s why we love and live art and believe it shouldn’t be reserved for hanging on walls, or kept in galleries. We’re putting it on our shirts so you can literally keep it close to your heart and bring a bit of interest to the lives of others when you wear them.

We’re more than chuffed to introduce you to our very first #WearArt collection. In collaboration with Matt Loughlin (the real MaTT Loughlin, that is) we’re launching an exclusive trilogy of his designs on our black and white shirts.

Matt is an American living in Bristol. Commercial illustrator and graphic designer, most of his work is in the world of fashion specialising in trend-driven apparel, but he’s also involved in illustration, printmaking and packaging design.

The art he’s created for us hints at a humorous interest in the occult.

Sketched first, then linocut (literally cut out in linoleum) from which the print artwork is developed. The technique gives a really simple sketch drawing design that stands apart from your usual graphic print T-shirt.

What’s more, Matt’s been a real Good Joe from start to finish. Sharing his knowledge as well as his creativity, he’s helped us through the whole process to get this project off the ground.

We think your designs are deadly cool. Cheers Matt.

Matt can be reached at MattLoughlin.com and his social handle is @realmattloughlin

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