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T-shirt blog. Kings of LeonPowerful, sophisticated, mysterious and edgy, black is a dominant colour in the modern wardrobe for men and women alike.

Ergo the plain black t-shirt, like the iconic white, is a staple for most guys and indeed the defining fashion choice of many, from rock star to hairdresser.

Unlike its white pal however, some would say the black tee can be challenging to wear. Not a colour particularly suited to what is conspicuously t-shirt wearing weather, it finds itself in a bit of a quandary. Let’s face it, when you pull back the curtains to a blindingly sunny and hot day, you don’t find yourself heading straight to the dark side...of the wardrobe that is.

But we’re not here to give grief to one of our faves, rather we hoist the flag and salute what is a truly versatile and stylish item when worn well.

Black T-shirt Blog Good JoeLet’s start with its layering qualities. It’s an essential. Perfect for under a jacket or jumper in the colder months, a perfect dark canvas on which to lay those sombre and rich autumn/winter shades.

Yes, some may whine about the fact that it’s prone to fading when washed time and time again, but hey – that’s surely part of the charm. One day you have a pure black t-shirt and a year later you’ve got a cool, grungy, slightly edgy version of what you started out with. Embrace this as you would the gradual ageing of your favourite jeans. On the other hand, you could try buying a great quality shirt that will hold its colour. 'Nuff said. 

In fact, ‘tonal’ is a key word when it comes to one of the best ways to wear a black t-shirt. By that we mean stick to black in all its glorious tones. A simple black tee looks great with a pair of black slim jeans, trainers and your favourite black bomber jacket thrown on. 

Black T-shirt blog Good JoeIf you don’t fancy all black, then team it with your favourite dark denim, either jeans or jacket, probably not both unless that crazy cowboy trend comes galloping back. Works brilliantly with Khaki too.

And if you're a fan of the Gangsta look, don't think that a white t-shirt is the only way to make your bling sing. Black is most definitely the alternative alternative.

We could go on. Hopefully you’ve got the point and are already putting a cool iron to work on that sexy black tee.

Black rocks!

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